Our Commitment to Excellence
In today's volatile  market, ECoE Solutions has assembled a team that is among the most experienced and talented in the industry.

As long-time specialists in the disciplines of Business Process Management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the expertise and experience of our consultants provides our clients with the very best opportunity for success.

While many vendors are struggling to meet the needs of their clients, our unique experience allows us to provide the professional and mature leadership to consistently navigate our clients to successful outcomes.

Our Tools, Methodology and Training

ECoE Solutions utilizes the following methodologies, tools, training and solutions:

  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Modeling Software
  • Modeling Best Practices
  • Modeler Education – Foundation and Advanced
  • Pre-built Industry process models
  • Scor Methodology
  • Industry Benchmarks
  • Affiliation with APQC
  • SOMA Methodology
  • BPM/SOA Technology
  • BPM/SOA Standards and Best Practices
  • Education: WID/Process Server/ Monitor
  • Business Measurements and KPI’s
  • Business Monitoring Technology
  • Business Monitor Education – Monitor Models and KPI’s
  • Event Correlation Technology

For more information about out consulting services, to discuss a specific BPM/SOA project or to get started on a quote for services, please contact us at 281-444-6955.

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Process Improvement

ECoE Solutions can guide you and your team(s) through the Process Improvement Lifecycle:

  • Better understand your business processes
  • Analyze processes to identify improvements areas
  • Implement improvements through appropriate methods
  • Feedback loop using actual data to analyze changed processes for additional improvements
  • By product: Establishes BPM methodology, standards, and best practices

Benefits Realization

ECoE Solutions can help establish business objectives and measure the results:

  • Measure the value of a ECoE or BPM/SOA project
  • Create initial business case (optional)
  • Determine on-going measures
  • Create Benefits Realization based on actual implementation
  • Compared results with industry standards and target new business areas to improve



Business / IT Alignment

ECoE Solutions can help align IT to support your business goals and strategies:

  • Understand Business Strategy and Objectives
  • Conduct Industry comparison and identify gaps
  • Understand current IT initiatives
  • Align IT initiatives based on objectives and gaps

Governance / Compliance

ECoE Solutions can help you design, implement and manage governance / compliance models:

  • Determine high-level Governance Principles
  • Establish an Operating Framework including Roles and Responsibilities
  • Map roles with existing structure and analyze gaps
  • Identify and implement Control Mechanisms, such as business measures and authorizations
  • Ensure proper compliance with established policies
  • Establish Organizational Constructs such as centralized vs. decentralized


Establish ECoE

ECoE Solutions can establish and manage an Enterprise Center of Excellence:

  • Understand current enterprise business and IT strategies, organization structure and maturity level
  • Create ECoE Vision and Strategy
  • Align Strategy to Balanced Scorecard
  • Establish Governance Principles and Model
  • Create Organizational Alignment Strategy
  • ECoE Roadmap to guide transition

ECoE Services

ECoE Solutions provides the following specific ECoE services:

  • Business / IT Alignment
  • Program Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Technology Assessments
  • Governance Model
  • Compliance
  • Benefits Realization

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